Friday, June 25, 2010

8: A Week Ago -Emma-

The glass doors closed behind me as I rushed toward the chemical lab. The situation had gotten way out of hand. It was just a test; it was only supposed to be an experiment.

Behind me I heard the low hum of hundreds of thousands of wings as the spawn of test subject FE1314I985 pressed against the glass.

“ Emma . . .”, a wispy voice echoed behind me, “Come to us, Emma . . .”

A week ago, my life was completely normal . I was just a kid graduating high school. It was eight years before I was supposed to, but what would you expect for a child prodigy?

Now I’m here, running from something that I told them was too unsafe to keep alive.

“Emma . . .“, as I shut the door to the chemical lab, the glass door shattered, “Why do you hate us?”

I backed away as it slammed into the reinforced door.

“Don’t leave us! EMMA!”

I sat down against a counter and wrapped my arms around my legs.

The voice turned into a wail, “Emma Kayser!”

A week ago everything was . . . normal.

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