Thursday, July 15, 2010

9: Escape In Style -Jay-

One thing I hate about being connected to weird things are the creatures. They always get tougher, always get faster, always get smarter, and no matter how many walls you put in front of them; they always seem to break through. So, when I was running from the massive moth beast, I wasn't surprised when the wall next to me exploded and threw the flying pieces of wall; its limbs trying to grab me for what ever reason.

Jump over the first, duck the next, and a swift turn to the right. Jump the table and there's the window. My freedom or my doom. I hate gambling.

Glass shattered around me as I flew from the second story of the Rott am Inn to the street below. Pain shot through my shoulder as I rolled into a red convertible with its top down. I swung my gun up toward the side of the house as the beast turned the corner, and then I let him have a taste of lead.

The creature pulled back quickly as pieces of hot metal slugs smashed into its face. I used what time I'd gained to glance into the convertible. KEYS!

One leap and I was in the car. I didn't take long before I was driving away from that Un-Godly creature. It was way too slow to catch up to me and I wasn't about to stop to let it. I was going to leave its buzzing in the dust. I could still hear it, as if it was close, and moving as fast as me.

A green dart oozing with purple fluid appeared in the seat next to me, and glancing back, I spotted a smaller version of the larger beast. Two more darts flew past my face. I swerved down a side street as another dart embedded itself into the asphalt behind me.

So there I was, sitting in a convertible with no idea how to get the hood up, wondering why this would happen to me.

And they start shooting darts. Life's just not fair.

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