Sunday, August 22, 2010

11: The Sad Anger Of Patrick -Tim-

By the time I'd hacked into a satellite capable of showing me what was going on in Europe, things had gotten a little crazy. A huge moth-thing was searching for something near where everyone had been dropped, and a lone red convertible was making its way through the streets, closely followed by two smaller moth-things. John and Robby were nowhere to be seen, but I figured that was what the massive moth was searching for.
I had no communications with them and Patrick had decided that he had to keep a closer eye on me, so he lounged in a nearby seat. The pressure was phenomenal for me to do my best.
"It's not gonna help if you're looking over my shoulder."
Patrick laughed a little, "I'm your boss. I'm just doing my job."
"Could you do your job somewhere else?", I asked, my voice full of hopeful sarcasm.
"My trus-", Patrick was interrupted by the ringing of the phone.
"I hope someone died.", and I meant it.
"Hello.", Patrick answered. Then he was silent for a few moments.
The expression on his face changed from his normal to sadness in an instant. The phone dropped from his hand and he sat there staring into space.
"No. No. No." He fell to his knees, tears flooding his eyes. His body began to shake as sobs found their way from his open mouth.
"No, she can't be. She can't be gone! They took her from me! She was mine and they ripped her from my hands!"
I was completely surprised by his reaction to the phone call and the only thing I could think of doing was getting up, and putting a hand on his shoulder for comfort. Big mistake.
He slapped my hand away and pushed me so hard that I slammed into the opposite wall. The air left my lungs and as I gasped he slammed into me.
"YOU! You and your little friends killed her! That stupid bear and retarded-idiot! I’ll tear all of you limb from limb! None of you will survive my wrath! I'll kill your families one by one, and then go to your friends! Then once they are all DEAD, I will take my time torturing each and everyone of you until you scream for death!"
His strength was something I'd never felt. I'd been punched by many people but never have I felt this kind of power. It was as if I could feel his hatred flooding through me and picking at my soul with tweezers.
"I didn't do anything to you." Speaking was much easier after I'd caught my breath.
He loosened a little, "Ben, Ben Ashford . . . He did it. He's the reason she's gone. If he hadn't come in to the picture, then they all wouldn't be together."
He let me go and pointed to the computer, "Everything you can find about Ben or anyone that stays with him I need to know, RIGHT NOW! I want you to destroy his bank accounts and trash his life anyway you can."
"Who did he kill?"
"Saba, my Saba.", Patrick was near tears again, "They hit her with a car."
"Oh wow." It sounded like there was more to it, but to avoid anymore attacks I just let the suspicion pass, "Okay, but first I have to take care of that."
On the screen behind Patrick, the giant moth-thing had stopped searching and was now holding something in its mouth; something very human.

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