Thursday, July 15, 2010

10: A Fighter -Emma-

The photo of my Father was all I had to look at in that room. The beast outside, moaning my name over and over again like it knew me.

It was at times like this when I wished I wasn't such a genius.

I stared at his picture again. It gave me strength to see him, because I knew how important he was. I knew that he'd died saving the world, saving me and Mommy. Well, just me actually.

Shortly after, we got the news that Mom was found in the bathtub with her wrists slit and jumbled letters sprawled across the wall; "JMCMBACFNBPBSZTDJBRO" followed by the words, "Find them and be saved." I'd been quickly put in to a home where my intelligence blossomed. I still can't figure out those letters or those words, but I won't stop trying. My Father wouldn't have given up, so why should I?

The door shuddered again as the specimen slammed into it again.

"Emma Kayser . . . find them . . . "

My breath caught as I heard it say that.

"Be saved."

How did it know? How could it know? Telepathic? That's impossible, but so is that beast outside the door.

"They are so close, but I am soooo hungry. I can't stop myself. So hungry." Another slam emphasized how hungry it was.

"GO AWAY!", tears flowed down my cheeks, "Leave me alone!"

"Emma . . . we need you to come to us. Come feed us. We are so alone."

I looked back at his picture. He wouldn't just give up.

Alex Kayser had been a fighter.

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