Thursday, August 26, 2010

14: Repay -John-

Up ahead, I spotted an abandoned gas station and sped toward it as fast as I could; not fast enough. My feet were knocked out from under me, lifting me head over heels and depositing me to the ground. My broken elbow slammed into the ground and as I yelped in pain, the moth’s head descended toward me, mouth open wide.

I was thrown off my feet as an explosion rocked the ground. I looked toward the beast to see Jay running toward me, away from the flaming wreckage of a convertible as it exploded. The fireball flew out toward us as I pulled myself to my feet and began running with Jay.

We leaped to the ground to avoid burning hot pieces of metal and moth as they flew all around us. Roars of agony could be heard through the flames and smoke as another explosion shook the ground. Soon all we heard was the crackling of the flames.

Jay sat up and turned to the fire, a smile on his face.

"Thanks." I sat up and looked at my elbow. It was clearly broken.

"I turned the corner, saw that thing about to chomp on you, and thought, 'Hey, that thing needs a hole in its side.' ", Jay laughed a bit.

A low whistling noise, and suddenly there was a large dart at my feet. One of the smaller moths had finally spotted us. Jay got to his feet and was just about to start running when a loud roar was heard from the fire. One of the giant moth’s limbs reached up and snatched the smaller moth right out of the sky. What was left of the car was hurled at us as the moth-beast pulled itself to its feet.

Thinking quick, I grabbed Jay’s feet and yanked them out from under him. He fell back as the flaming car flew over his head.

With a loud thump Jay hit the ground and stopped moving.

The huge moth-beast lumbered toward us, half its body on fire from the explosion and the other partially crushed by its own weight. I grabbed Jay and started to drag him. One glance told me he was breathing, but I didn't know how bad he hit his head. The moth was gaining on us quickly. With my elbow, I couldn't carry him any faster.

I glanced back at the abandoned building. We weren't gonna make it. I turned around and grabbed Jay's knife off his belt.

As I stood there watching a creature much larger than me rushing toward me, I got an image of the Snake Goddess (UC case2) in my head. Jay had risked his life to save me twice, and now it was time to repay the favor. I flipped the knife over in my hand and prepared for its arrival.

I was pretty sure I would die.

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