Tuesday, May 25, 2010

2. Europe -John-

"Hey! Wake up!"

I wasn't about to get up in the middle of the night. I rolled over, grunted, and fell back to sleep. A second later I was shaken again, and I recognized Tim's voice as he called for me to get up again. I opened my eyes and glanced around the room. No one was there.

"Dude seriously, pull your ass out of bed. Patrick is here with our next assignment." This time I noticed the distinct crackle of the intercom.

"Are you watching me sleep? That's just wrong.", I sat up in bed and reached for my shirt. It was a company shirt, and by company I mean evil syndicate run by Patrick Bernauw. A man as mysterious as he is rich. I had been waiting for him to call on us for a job.

"Shut up and get over here. Idiot." That was definitely Tim on the intercom. He'd been given the computer job, a low-risk information gathering type thing. Not that he couldn't hold his own, he was just better at computers than field work.

"So what's this about?", I had slipped on my shirt and the door to my room slid open of its own accord. It could be opened from the inside as well, but the master controls could open it. Another thing for me to worry about if I piss Patrick off.

"Caterpillars.", Patrick's smooth voice came over the intercom as I walked down the halls. Something about his voice gave it an old quality, though the guy looked like he was in his 30's.

"You're gonna need to tell me more."

"A European town named Arbing vanished yesterday. Every person just disappeared with out explanation, which is very unusual. I sent a friend up there to check it out and she sent me pictures of what looked to be webs. On closer examination, it was found that these webs weren't of arachnid origin. They were caterpillar nests. Nests the size of an SUV. I tried to tell her to get a sample when suddenly the phone hit something hard, and I heard her scream in the distance. It seems there is a hostile entity up there and I need you to be the rescue-research group."

"You think these caterpillars have something to do with it?"

"I can't say." I swear the guy sounded like he knew all ready, "I can, how ever, say that you won't be going in there empty handed. I've got quite the arsenal for you."

"When do we leave?"

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