Saturday, May 22, 2010

1: Obviam Vita -John-

My name is Johnathon Nathon Miller, and I was once a good guy. I still feel that my cause is good, but my methods have certainly changed from my previous work. Now I have a goal and will do nearly anything to see that it's done, and done well.

I'm not much of a leader, but he knew how to bring Alex back and so I took the job anyway. Did I trust my new boss? No. Did that matter? No. He was better than that spineless Ben Ashford.

Don't understand? Well, let me catch you up to speed . . .

A while back a friend of mine, Alex, found out that our hometown was soon to be a crater, because of some ancient sun God. Alex, my brother and I went to see if we could avert this tragedy. Turns out we could, at the cost of Alex’s life. Alex decided to leap to his death and save the whole town with his selfless act. I could have saved him but my brother held me back.

I had to listen to his screams for ten minutes and I'll never forget how many times he yelled for help.

My brother and I, decided to go searching for Gods and other beasts, and destroy them as revenge for what their kind did to our friend. That's when we found Ben, and really it's all because of the book. Ben's biological father wrote a book and within the book rests hundreds of information on the creatures we were searching for.

One thing led to another and we soon found ourselves working side by side with not only Ben, but another friend of ours named Jay. Jay seemed to have a different type of motive and he really only wanted to bring Alex back. He was willing to risk everything and sacrifice any life to do just that. He failed thanks to the concerted efforts of Ben, my brother Carl, and a young, zombie girl named Crystal.

That's when P.B. contacted me directly and offered me this job. Jay had the right idea in finding a way to bring Alex back, but he had gone about it wrong. Patrick Bernauw, P.B.; claims to have a way to do it right and all I had to do was work for him.

So now I'm the leader of a team of hunters, all working toward the goal of bringing our friend back, while keeping our representative from using us to his own ends. To be honest though, as long as he's helping us bring Alex back, then we'll do what ever he needs of us.

Isn't life grand?

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