Saturday, December 17, 2011

27: Gods & Assholes -Jay-

The explosion was blinding and the heat was so strong that I could feel the hair on my arms singe. The shock wave threw me back and I bounced on the ground till I hit a wall.

"Sorry I was late guys." Tim's voice came over the radio, "You all okay?"

"Did you just blow me up?!" John's voice came from the right. He was laying against a wall with several serious looking burns, but alive, "I think you just tried to blow me up! You're an asshole!"

"Excuuuuse me. Next time I'll just let the CHILD pummel you to death."

"Oh, just you wait, when I get back I'm going to show you a pummeling." John coughed, and smiled. It was obvious that he was glad to be alive.

Pieces of the plane littered the ground. Tim had used the final measure to destroy the Moth-boy. I glanced at Robby who was busy pulling himself to his feet. I jogged over and knelt to check if he was alright. A few minor burns, but he seemed to be fine.

"Well, I did what I could do. The rest is up to you." Tim said quickly.

"What do you mean the re-" I turned and was cut off by the sight of the boy reforming slowly.

"Well, you see . . . "

John was furious, "YOU MISSED! HOW COULD YOU MISS?! Next time someone else takes the computers! You can come here and get your ass kicked for a paycheck. I can't believe you missed!"

The boy's hand smashed into the side of my face and the warmth of blood filled my mouth. The next hit was to the gut followed by a spin kick to the chest. As I fell backward the boy grasped my neck and lifted me into the air.

"Humans. So weak, so useless. I always wondered why he wanted you to be better, but now We understand. You people are weak." I felt his hand squeeze tighter around my neck, "We overestimated you. Don't worry though, you will not see your friends di-"

"Hey! Retard!" John interrupted. In his hand he held a small moth, fluttering fruitlessly against his fingers, "Aren't you missing something?"

With that, he twisted his fingers crushing the small bug to death. The boy's face contorted with rage as he dropped me to the ground. Within seconds John was again the target of the assault, starting with a teeth shattering kick to the ribs. The boy followed up with a punch that broke John's only good leg.

Robby ran over, his brand new arm drawn back. The boy just split into butterflies to let Robby's hits go through himself with out causing damage.

We couldn't beat this thing alone. We needed help, but our only help was already used in a badly aimed rescue attempt. I searched the ground, but all I could find was burning pieces of plane. I heard a snap and looked up to find Robby clutching his only real arm, it's bone jutting out through the skin.

The boy turned back to John, who wasn't moving, and began searching for bones he'd yet to have broken.

What were we supposed to do? He wasn't going to stop beating on John until John was dead. I reached for a sharp piece of flaming plane and ran toward the boy. Halfway there he rotated and turned his palm to me. A flood of moths pushed me back into the air and through one of the many windows in the building. The glass cut deep as I was slammed into the wall on the opposite side of the laboratory room.

The moths flowed out the window and I could hear the sickening smacks as Moth-boy restarted his assault on John.

I didn't have much time and I had no options.

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