Friday, December 16, 2011

26: Too Fast -Jay-

John was really beaten up. The moth had broken his elbow and probably a few other bones that he didn't know about yet. I wasn't that well off either. We didn't have a lot of energy or time.

"You guys need to find a scientist named Emma, and then get out of there," He spoke with urgency, "Patrick is going to bomb the place whether you're there or not."

"He's a real dick, and when we get back we're going to have a long talk about how much he should be telling us on these things." John sounded pissed.

Robby was the real miracle, but he wouldn't talk about it, or his new appendage. When ever asked he would open his mouth to talk, but no words would escape. Eventually he just gave up. He was moving toward the door when he was suddenly thrown back by a torrent of moths. They shot him in to the sky and then body slammed him on the pavement. He was out cold.

Up ahead the moths slowly came together till they formed a small boy. Ever since we'd gotten here it had been one surprise after another. Things we should have known were becoming evident and the extent of Patrick's was becoming very evident. I wasn't shocked that the moths had taken the form of a young boy, nor that he had just taken down a grown man. The thing that shocked me was the fact that the boy looked like me when I was younger.

"Jay, what's going on? He looks like you." John sounded just as shocked.

"Who are you?" I called out.

"We are angry that you would kill one of us. You deserve no answers, only death." With those words he broke into hundreds of moths and reformed a mere inches away.

The air was knocked out of me as his fist smashed into my gut, my face and my groin at the same time. Wait, three hands? I fell to my knees and looked up to see the third arm fade into his shoulder. He could form his body to what ever he wanted, or just not reform it at all. What the hell?

His foot came up and caught me on the chin, sending me hurtling backwards until I slammed into John. We both rolled backwards until friction slowed us to stopping. I was still trying to catch my breath, but John was up and ready.

The boy fluttered his way into close quarters and went in for the thing he did to me, but John was ready. He slipped under the face hit and used his arm to block the groin. The shot to the stomach went through, but John spun with the momentum. John's elbow found the boy's head with a loud smack. Several moths dropped to the ground dead.

The boy didn't seem fazed, instead another arm formed in his side walloping John in his broken elbow. John's knees hit the ground as he howled in pain. Quickly the boy kicked John backward. The kick wasn't strong enough to send him flying back but it hurt. John fell back as the kid swung his foot into John's shin. A loud crack was heard and I knew John's leg had been broken.

"You people are nothing. The fact that you defeated one of us means nothing to our power, only our hearts. I strive to kill you now, not because I'm an evil being, but because you have killed a part of my family. But you wouldn't understand that, would you? You kill for fun, while I kill for survival."

He put his foot on John's chest, and raised his arm. He was going to kill him. I forced myself to regain my breath, but even as I pulled myself to my feet I knew I was too late.

The boy swung down with ferocious force.

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