Monday, July 11, 2011

22: Coming Close To An End -John / Jay-


A few thoughts came over me as I sat there in hiding. Thoughts concerning my friends, and how this giant thing had become too much of a nuisance. I'm not even sure if Robby made it and I had no knowledge as to where his body went. Not to mention, it seemed Jay would be in trouble if I didn't do something and fast. Just then, another thought occurred to me as I stared off in to the distance. I snapped from my trance and sprang to my feet. Bingo.

I looked back at the screeching thing and made a run for it. The loud thumping and roars told me it was coming after me. I didn't bother to keep looking back every now and again, I kept my line of sight straight ahead while jumping and dodging objects as I fled.

In the back of my mind I hoped that Jay would manage to get out, especially since I was putting my plan in to action. Soon enough, this thing would be going down once and for all. What's my plan? It's not fool-proof or anything, but I figured it would work out somehow as long as I didn't mess this up too bad.

I was leading it to the gas station.


Looking over my options again, I came to the realization that I really didn't stand a chance of surviving up here in the mouth. I pulled out my knife, sat up and remembered the stomach. John had to have escaped by now, which meant there was a hole left behind for me to be able to exit through.

It was then that the raging tongue shoved me toward its gullet's opening, making me drop back down to the acidic pit below. Reliving the experience was kind of annoying, but at least I was where I wanted to be. Surprisingly when I landed, I found the bottom to lack liquids. Now, it just felt oddly more unpleasant to be wandering in. I fumbled about, feeling at the slimy surface below. Where ever this hole was, I hoped to find it quick and get out.

With a bit more of feeling around, I found an opening. I pulled the fleshy, flabby skin back and let myself drop, covering my head on the way down.


I finally reached the gas station, the thing still chasing me down like a raving banshee. By the looks of things, the pumps still had plenty of gas in them. All that was needed to be done was to make this thing have more than its fill of gasoline.

As I turned to stop and look back, I noticed a familiar figure drop to the ground as the moth rampaged toward me. Jay was out of the moth, and it was about damn time he was. I positioned myself, facing the monstrosity that followed me. From what I could tell, Jay was gathering himself from the fall. I didn't care if he was hurt or not at that moment.

At least now I didn't have to worry about him joining the beastly-thing in death.

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