Friday, June 24, 2011

20: To Take Down A Moth-Beast -John-

I'm not sure why we thought it was a great idea to jump into this thing's mouth. Then again, we were hasty about it, seeing how the damn thing attacked our friend and all. Either way, I really didn't appreciate being reacquainted to the inside of this beastly moth.

This time I wound up splashing head first into stomach acid. Jay landed somewhere nearby, hitting me on the way down. I quickly stood up, wiping at my face the best I could. Did I mention it was dark in there?

"Sure would be nice to have some light right now.", Jay's voice echoed the massive stomach. "Forget the light, Jay. What we need right now is a plan," I pulled a blade from my pocket, "and all I got is this knife."

In my head, I began to go over the damage this giant moth had already taken: Many, many bullets were shot; even its one eye getting a taste of lead. We applied fire to it, and by the smell of things it was still set aflame. I even managed to jab my knife up and in to its belly and cut it open. What else would it take to bring this damned thing down?

You know, fumbling with a knife in the dark while thinking doesn't help. I came back to reality due to the sharp pain in my left hand, the tip of the blade poking at my palm. At least feeling it meant that I haven't gone completely numb yet. I heard sloshing sounds come closer and closer, which told me Jay was trying to find me. As if the knife weren't distracting enough, "Just stay where you are, would ya? I'm trying to think here."

Jay stopped, speaking up, "I have an idea."

Considering I was low on getting those things called ideas, I decided to hear him out, "What do you have in mind?"

"Tear at its insides."

A part of me wanted to say how stupid that sounded, but it was the best thing we could do. After all, we were armed with knives and knives alone, and I didn't plan on becoming a filling meal for this moth. My brain finally pulled up some thoughts with Jay's help, "We'll tear at it, alright. More specifically, I'll tear at its stomach here...", I thrust the knife down, meeting flesh in the acidic bath, "...and you'll go for its lungs."

"Wait, its lungs? We could just as easily slice our way out of this thing right here while cutting it up some." I turned to his voice, "Yes, we could do that, Jay. Except that isn't going to kill it any faster, now is it? If we can take away its ability to breathe, even if it doesn't take to the lack of air quickly, it should die even faster."

"I don't see why I have to go do that.", he mumbled.

"Simple, you're skinnier."

I knew he wasn't particularly happy with that plan, especially since it entailed him having to climb up its gullet and than down its windpipe. He didn't waste time arguing though. With out another word, Jay splashed his way past me and began to stab his way up the throat.

I was left with the sounds of gurgling and some splashes of stomach acid as the moth roamed about. I closed my eyes, readying myself. Numbness was starting to settle within my body. It was now or become moth poo. I opened my eyes, clenching at the blade's handle, "Robby, this one's for you."

I charged to the right, finding the stomach lining with its tip. With all my might I ran along, trying my best to not slip. I repeated the process once I reached the other side of the stomach.
Roars and gulps of air gushed on in as I tore at its precious insides. I began to stab and rip at the stomach floor before me, running in to the cut I had made on its outside. I cut over it, deepening the wound. In an instant, I dropped to the ground below, acid splashing all over the place with a slow sizzle.

I got up and moved as fast as I could, seeing no sign of Jay. I found cover nearby and hid behind it; a pile of scrap metal. As my heart pounded and my skin slowly began to be eaten way, only one thing came to mind.

I was in desperate need of a shower.

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